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Las Vegas on a budget: 10+ free and cheap things to do

Las Vegas, Nevada is a city known for its casinos, nightlife, and entertainment, and it can also be a very expensive city. After all, it is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. But if you’re on a budget, don’t worry – there are still plenty of things to do without spending a lot of money. While gambling is certainly one of the main attractions in Las Vegas, there is much more to the city than just casinos.

Here are some of the best budget-friendly things to do in Las Vegas:

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10+ budget-friendly things to do in Las Vegas

1. Walk along the Strip

Las Vegas Strip

The Strip is the main tourist district in Las Vegas. It is home to some of the world’s largest and most famous casinos, hotels, and resorts. The Strip is a great place to get from hotel to hotel, people-watch as you walk along, and experience the excitement of Las Vegas. And because this is Sin City, you can enjoy alcoholic drinks while walking down the Strip.

2. See a show

Thunder from down under show in Las Vegas
πŸ“ Thunder From Down Under Show

Las Vegas is home to some of the best shows in the world. There are Cirque du Soleil shows, magic shows, comedy shows, stripper shows, and so much more. There is definitely something for everyone to enjoy. Just be sure to book your tickets with enough anticipation. Show tickets start as low as $20 USD per person, go up to around $125 USD per person, with most shows around $50-$60 USD per person.

3. Visit a museum

Neon sign museum
πŸ“Neon Sign Museum

Las Vegas has a variety of museums, including the Mob Museum, the Neon Museum, and the Natural History Museum. The Neon Museum is a museum dedicated to preserving and displaying iconic neon signs from Las Vegas’ past. It’s a great place to learn about the history of the city and see some of the city’s most iconic signs. The Mob Museum is a museum dedicated to the history of organized crime in America. It’s a fascinating museum that’s worth a visit if you’re interested in crime history. And in the Natural History Museum you can learn about the natural world.

4. Take a day trip

Hoover Dam
πŸ“ Hoover Dam

There are a number of day trips that you can take from Las Vegas. You can visit Hoover Dam (around 1 hour away by car), Mojave National Preserve (around 1 hour away by car), Death Valley (around 2 hours away by car), or the Grand Canyon West (around 2 hours away by car). You can also go hiking, biking, or skiing in the nearby mountains.

5. Visit the Fremont Street Experience

Freemont Experience in Downtown Las Vegas

The Fremont Street Experience is a pedestrian mall in downtown Las Vegas. It is a five-block entertainment district located under a massive LED video canopy, and features free live music, light shows, street performers, and a variety of casinos, restaurants, and shops. It even has a 77-feet high zipline! The Fremont Street Experience it’s a fun and affordable way to experience the excitement of LV.

6. Watch the Bellagio Fountains show

Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas

The Bellagio Fountain is a mesmerizing water fountain show that is set to music and lights. The show is free to watch and is a popular attraction for tourists. Showtimes are: Monday – Friday, every 30 minutes from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM and every 15 minutes from 7:00 PM to midnight. Saturday, Sunday & Holidays, every 30 minutes from noon to 6:30 PM and every 15 minutes from 7:00 PM to midnight. Show times are subject to change.

7. Party at a Beach Club

Beach party with Diplo
πŸ“ Encore Beach Club

Going to a pool party in one of Las Vegas Beach Clubs is an unforgettable experience. The pool parties are known for their over-the-top atmosphere, world-class DJs, and stunning views of the Strip. Wondering what to wear? Swimsuits, sundresses, and shorts are all popular choices, but be sure to pack something to cover up in case you get chilly. Partying by a pool is the perfect way to cool off on a hot day and experience the best of what Vegas has to offer. And the best part? You can sign in to their guest list to get in for FREE! I recommend checking out: Wet Republic, Encore Beach Club, Drai’s Beach Club, and/or Marquee Dayclub.

8. Go to a nightclub for free

Omnia nightclub in Las Vegas
πŸ“ OMNIA Nightclub

Going to nightclubs in Las Vegas for free is a great way to experience the city’s nightlife without breaking the bank. There are a few different ways to do this, but one of the most popular is to get on a guest list. Most nightclubs in Las Vegas offer guest lists, which allow you to skip the line and get in for free before a certain time. However, it’s important to note that guest lists are typically limited, so it’s important to sign up early. Also, most nightclubs have dress codes, so be sure to check the venue’s website before you go. A few popular nightclubs to check out are: Hakkasan, OMNIA, Jewel, Tao, and Drai’s.

9. Take a walk through the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Bellagio Botanical Garden

The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is a must-see for any visitor to Las Vegas. This indoor garden is free to visit and changes seasonally, so there’s always something new to see, and its open 24 hours a day. The garden is divided into different sections, each with its own unique theme. There’s a tropical section, a desert section, a woodland section, and even a flower garden.

10. Play at the casinos (aka gamble!)

Casino in Las Vegas

You simply can’t visit Las Vegas without trying your luck on a slot machine or playing table. While you should have a very righteous precaution when it comes to gambling, it is possible to enjoy some gambling while on a budget. I recommend setting an amount you are willing to spend/lose (I usually set a $40 to $60 USD budget) and STICK TO IT! If you win money, great! And if you lose it all, at least you know you budgeted for it. But don’t get tempted to gamble more money, that’s when it can become a problem and get you out of budget.

Here are some additional tips for visiting Las Vegas:

Las Vegas hotels
  • Even with all the free and budget-friendly things to do in Las Vegas, it can still be an expensive place. Be sure to set a budget before you go and stick to it, especially if you’re planning on gambling.
  • It’s a hot and dry city. Be sure to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen.
  • The Strip can get very crowded, especially during the summer, so be prepared for large crowds.
  • Las Vegas is a 24-hour city. You can find almost anything open at any time of day or night.
  • You can drink and smoke almost anywhere in Las Vegas, including inside the casinos and outside on The Strip.
  • The Las Vegas Strip Monorail is a convenient and affordable way to get around the Strip. You can also purchase a 24-hour or 72-hour bus pass that will give you unlimited access to the Las Vegas bus system.
  • Most casinos offer free drinks WHILE you’re playing on their machines or tables. Just be sure to tip your waitress.
  • Do some research on websites that offer deals and discounts. I included a few of those links on this blogs to make it easier for you.

I hope this blog helps you have a great trip to Las Vegas! These are just a few of the many budget-friendly things you can do in this iconic Sin City. No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find something to do, even on a budget. It’s a city that has something to offer everyone. With a little planning, you can easily have a great time in Las Vegas without spending a lot of money.

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November 9, 2023

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