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7-day itinerary in northern and central Italy

This blog is perfect for you if you’re planning a trip to northern and central Italy. Cities in these regions include famous Italian cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence, to name a few. And as I’m sure you know, Italy is renowned for its stunning cities, each boasting its unique charm and cultural significance. With a rich and diverse historical heritage, Italy offers a wealth of experiences to explore and enjoy.

If you’re seeking a memorable adventure, embarking on a 7-day itinerary in northern and central Italy is the perfect way to discover some of the country’s most incredible destinations and immerse yourself in its captivating culture.

7-day itinerary in northern and central Italy

Day 1 – Venice

🔹 Land in Venice in the morning 

🔹 Walk around the canals

🔹 Cross Rialto Bridge

🔹 Visit St. Mark Square

🔹 Go on a gondola ride

Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy
📍Piazza San Marco

Day 2 – Florence

🔹 Take an early train from Venice to Florence

🔹 Explore the incredible Piazza del Duomo where the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is located

🔹 See Michelangelo’s David at the Galleria dell’Academia

🔹 Cross Ponte Vecchio

🔹 Buy wine from a wine window

Laurie in front of Michelangelo's David statue
📍Galleria dell’Academia

Day 3 – Cinque Terre

🔹 Take an early train from Florence to Cinque Terre

🔹 Start in Riomaggiore

🔹 Afterwards, take the local train to Manarola

🔹 Have late lunch (or early dinner) on Nessun Dorma

Laurie in front of Manarola landscape

Day 4 – Cinque Terre

🔹 Start your day in Corniglia

🔹 Take the local train to Vernazza

🔹 Finish the day in Monterosso

Monterosso al Mare, Italy
📍Monterosso al Mare

Day 5 – Pisa & Rome

🔹 Take an early train from Cinque Terre to Pisa

🔹 Have lunch in Pisa by the Leaning Tower of Pisa

🔹 Take the train to Rome

🔹 Explore the streets of Rome

Laurie hugging the Leaning Tower of Pisa
📍Leaning Tower of Pisa

Day 6 – Rome

🔹 Visit all the famous Roman landmarks with a hop-on hop-off bus:

The Colosseum

The Fountain of Trevi

The Pantheon

Piazza Navona

Piazza Venezia

Spanish Steps

Laurie in front of the Colosseum

Day 7 – Rome

🔹 Spend the day at the Vatican City

🔹 Visit St. Peter’s Basilica

🔹 Go up St. Peter’s Dome for amazing views of the city

🔹 Visit the famous Vatican Museum where the Sistine Chapel is located

Views from St. Peter's Basilica
📍St. Peter’s Basilica

Of course, this is just a suggested itinerary, and you can customize it to fit your interests and time constraints. But I assure you, no matter what you choose to do, you are sure to have a memorable trip to Italy!

Here are some additional tips for planning your trip:

🛫 Book your flights and accommodation in advance, especially if you are traveling during the peak season (June-September).

🚅 Purchase a rail pass if you plan on doing a lot of train travel.

🇮🇹 Learn some basic Italian phrases before you go. This will help you get around and communicate with the locals.

🍝 Be sure to try the local food! Italy is known for its delicious cuisine.

👟 Pack comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking.

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September 21, 2023

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