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My first impression of Vietnam

What was my first impression of Vietnam? Well, I have to admit that I didn’t have many expectations from Vietnam. Unlike Thailand and Bali where I had done some extensive research about each country/city, I did the bare minimum research on Vietnam. I think I mostly wanted to be charmed and taken by surprise by what Vietnam had to offer. And I was definitely charmed and surprised (mostly in a good way) by this amazing country.

So based on my minimal research on Vietnam, here is my first impression of Vietnam 🇻🇳…

My first impression of the weather: ☀️🌦🥵

Vietnam weather

Vietnam’s weather is mostly tropical. Meaning that it rains quite a bit and it gets very hot and humid, as I expected. Temperatures range from 70F to 95F all year long. If you’re coming to Vietnam make sure to pack loose and comfy clothes, a rain jacket or umbrella, and some flip-flops (which seems to be the footwear of choice here). Also, don’t forget to pack sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

My first impression of Vietnamese food: 🤤🍜🍤🦪🦞🥬🍍

Vietnam food

I was pleasantly surprised by Vietnamese food. I had honestly never tried Vietnamese food before arriving in Vietnam so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But everything was delicious. From fresh seafood plates to banh mi, and even the very popular Vietnamese egg coffee, everything tasted amazing. Oh, and you totally have to get fried spring rolls everywhere you go! They seriously CAN’T make a bad spring roll! But the important thing is to keep an open mind (and an open belly) when trying new food in Vietnam.

My first impression of Vietnamese people: 😁🥰🙏🏽

Vietnam people

My first impression of Vietnamese people is that they are very happy and friendly. Maybe not as friendly as Thai people to be honest, but they are indeed very smiley and happy. They know how to spread joy and make you want to smile and laugh with them. They are very humble and grateful people, but definitely also great salespeople. You’ll hear it’s happy hour everywhere you go (even when it’s not a bar) and give you a big smile as they try to sell you something. Just don’t forget to bargain if you do want to buy something, and thank them with a smile back.

My first impression of the transportation: 🛵🛵🛵🛵🛵

Vietnam transportation

Traffic in Vietnam is absolutely lawless. I mean I’m sure there are traffic laws, but from my first impression of Vietnam’s traffic, they don’t seem to follow any of them. From driving in the opposite direction while passing a slow car, not really stopping at red lights (if there’s even a traffic light), and parking their motorbikes anywhere and everywhere, to the absolutely life-risking act of crossing the street while avoiding being hit. I’ve seen some wild things when it comes to drivers in Vietnam. 

It’s also worth mentioning in this category that the amount of motorbikes in Vietnam is unparalleled. I’ve never seen so many motorbikes and scooters in my life. It is definitely their main form of transportation and it’s very common to see whole families (2 adults and 1 to 2 kids and sometimes even babies) all in 1 motorbike speeding down the streets.

My first impression of sightseeing: 😍🤩🌄🌆🏖

Vietnam views

My first impression of Vietnam is that it has some breathtaking scenery totally worth seeing with your own eyes. They have plenty of beaches to enjoy, many modern and ancient cities to explore, and many rice fields and beautiful mountains to climb and enjoy the view. If there’s one thing I loved about Vietnam straight away was the beauty of this country.

Depending on which area of Vietnam you go the scenery will change. So if you like to experience more authentic architecture and amazing outdoor scenery I recommend going to the north of Vietnam. And if you like to experience a more modern and adventurous side of Vietnam, then I recommend going to the south of Vietnam.

Are you dreaming of coming to Vietnam after reading my first impressions? 

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