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How to pack for long-term travel

A guide to help you pack for your next long-term travel, specifically if you’re going to tropical-weather countries.

I’m gonna start by saying that packing for a long-term trip was a challenge for me! 

I already don’t pack light for short vacations. So imagine the struggle to pack for a year-long trip, to multiple countries, and have no idea what to really expect when I got there.

So to be honest, I probably definitely packed way more things than I needed. But I assure you I packed EVERYTHING I thought necessary to pack for long-term travels, whether than turned out to be true or not. And thankfully, I plan on living in warm tropical weather, so most of the items I brought and bought can be used for every country I’m going to visit, and I don’t need many bulky items to protect me against the cold.

Ultimately I ended up packing 1 big suitcase, 1 carry-on, and 1 backpack for my long-term travels through Southeast Asia.

Below I’ll go into detail on everything I packed in my suitcases, and which items definitely weren’t necessary. 

Items I brought with me


  • Shirts: tanktops (14), short sleeves (7), long sleeves (3)
  • Pants: shorts (3), long pants (2)
  • Skirts: 2
  • Dresses: 7
  • Hoodies: 2
  • Pajamas: 5
  • Underwear: 17
  • Bras: 5
  • Socks: 19
  • Swimsuits: 6
  • Rainjacket: 1
  • Packing cubes for my clothes: 8


  • Sneakers: 3
  • Sandals: 3
  • Heels: 1
  • Water shoes: 1


  • Hats: 4
  • Jewelry bag: necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair accessories, and earings


  • Toiletry bag with: toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary pads, Q-tips, a few makeup items, makeup remover, body lotion, face wash, nail clippers, bobby pins, scrunchies, razors, etc.
  • Small bag with lipsticks and lipglosses


  • Laptop (with mouse and mousepad)
  • Kindle tablet
  • Small Canon Camera
  • GoPro with accessories 
  • Battery banks: 2
  • iPhone
  • Apple watch
  • Drone
  • Hair flat iron 
  • Chargers: phone charger (3), Laptop charger (1), USB c cables (2), apple watch charger (1), and other kinds of chargers
  • Wireless headphones, AirPods, and earphones with aux cord (2)
  • Cable organizer and electronic bag
  • Adapter
  • Converter
  • Portable VPN


  • Passport book with passport
  • Wallets: 6
  • Journals: 3
  • Books: 5
  • Pencilcase with a few pens
  • Folders for storing important documents: 3
  • First aid kit
  • Medicine bag: painkillers, allergy medicine, anti-nausea wristbands, electrolyte tablets, NyQuil/DayQuil, thermometer, and malaria pills
  • Tripod
  • Clear bag: nail polish and sewing kit
  • Travel size clothing iron
  • Headband flashlight (for camping or emergencies)
  • Security items: small taser, pepper spray, door lock jammer, birdie, secret camera, combination locks (4), 
  • Day trips or hiking backpack
  • Small one-shoulder backpack 
  • Microfiber towels

That’s basically a full list of all the items I brought with me, for my long-term travels, from Los Angeles, not counting items I’ve bought while traveling, which I’m going to mention below.

Items bought on the trip (so far):

  • Fannypack (I use it almost every day and loooove it!)
  • A pair of sandals
  • 2 pairs of loose pants
  • Sleeveless shirt
  • Multiplug converter (when mine stopped working)
  • Super long HDMI cable (to connect my laptop to the TV)
  • Tiny broom and dustpan (for cleaning the floor in between housekeeping)
  • A small bowl (mostly for cereal)
  • Small utensils: forks (2), spoons (2)
  • Small hairbrush (because I left mine behind)
  • Shampoo and conditioner

Now, out of all of the items mentioned above, these are the things I now realize aren’t really necessary, mostly because I haven’t used them at all, or I can easily find them abroad. So if you’re thinking of packing them, don’t. 😆 Especially things that you never use or wear at home! 

Items I regret bringing on my long-term travels:

  • Most of my hats (1 sunhat and a ballcap were more than enough)
  • Most of my cables, especially the ones I have multiples of.
  • My Canon camera (haven’t used it at all)
  • Drone (I plan on using it at some point but I barely know how to use it, to be honest). Plus it takes up a lot of space.
  • A few of the shirts and dresses I brought that I haven’t worn at all
  • 1 of my hoodies (1 hoodie is more than enough, and I brought 2 of them)
  • Most of my sandals (the flip flops were more than enough)
  • Small clothing iron (mostly cuz I haven’t really used it)
  • Portable VPN (never worked and I ended up just subscribing to one online)
  • Bag with lipsticks and lipgloss (I go through them too slowly and there are plenty of makeup stores if I need a new one)

With that being said, I’m probably gonna ship back (or donate!) most of these items I kinda regret bringing and make even more space in my suitcase, or even better, get rid of a whole suitcase altogether and travel lighter.

I hope you found this blog helpful in helping you decide what to pack for long-term travel. And if you want more details on 12+ items I highly recommend bringing with you for long-term traveling (especially for female travelers!), check out this blog HERE.

Heads up: As a way to earn passive income, this post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you buy something through one of those links, I might get a commission at NO extra cost to you. I appreciate your support! 💕

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May 26, 2022

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