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If you only have a few days in Bangkok, you wanna do the best of the best. Here’s the perfect itinerary for a 4-day budget-friendly trip to Bangkok.

Wat Phra Kaew

August 11, 2022

There are plenty of beaches to explore in Phuket, and there’s also the accessibility of visiting nearby islands in the Andaman sea. And no Phuket visit is complete without a stroll through the colorful Old Town.

Phuket Sunday Night Market

July 19, 2022

Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand, with plenty of budget-friendly things to do. It is surrounded by luscious mountains, tribal villages, and full of ancient temples.

July 14, 2022

If you’re visiting Bangkok, Thailand for more than 3 – 4 days, I recommend taking a day trip to a nearby town or market to see what more this beautiful country has to offer.

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon 3

June 9, 2022

Thailand is a budget traveler’s paradise! With cheap food and drinks, affordable accommodations, many ways to get around, and so much to sightsee on a budget. And Bangkok is definitely a hub for budget-friendly things to do.

Khlong Lat Mayom

June 3, 2022